Youtube Marketing And Technology

Youtube Marketing And Technology

Youtube IS Hot! Because video and the visual learners have a medium to enjoy learning and expressing themselves on what has become a world scene.

Marketers of digital , physical, online , offline and literal aids in all areas are recognizing the power that the video world truly possesses. This makes a knowledge of the giant much more important if you plan to utilize the promising advantages the tube still offers advertising.

For example, if I asked you where youtube was based to do business would you answer.., on Google?

Well you would be correct in a sense but that is not what i’m referring to, take a look below;

Youtube Headquarters, San Bruno California - Youtube Marketing And Technology


This is where Youtube does business that it presents on Google for the world to enjoy and have a share in the development of future expansion. This is the Headquarters located in San Bruno, California. Youtube began as a venture capitol technology pilot or startup company acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion dollars.

Adobe Flash and HTML5(4)  has been the vehicle of choice for Youtube video display not only for personal generated material but  have you noticed since the popularity of  TV and talk of exponential growth is on the rise,  corporate media channels like CBS , VEVO, and BBC are lending to the entertainment with submissions of their own.  MGM and Lion Gate Entertainment are not  left out offering full length episodes for the US called shows with advertising accompaniment to compete with Hulu which offers NBC , Fox and Disney. When the giants speak it’s good to listen….,

There are many ways to approach marketing on the Youtube platform and the  quicker and easier the process the better it is for generating an income online. With  the current posturing of  and it’s relationships with the dominant media corporations video and advertising needs to be done as effectively as possible.

Are you experiencing any problems downloading single videos quickly? How would you like to not only load faster but have the option to download in batches to save time and support campaign continuity. Here are two choices I feel are massively helpful to any affiliate or newbie building a network.

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Authored by: Zisses Gregory

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