Monday February 25th

My name is Zisses Gregory and welcome to “Youtube Week”

This weeks post for Monday is out early because the discussions surrounding TV and YouTube are sparking an interest. If you have never seen the  interview below conducted by the Common Wealth Club with YouTube owners: Chad Hurley and Steve Chen you are in for a real treat.

A few preparatory remarks before the show starts;

The video although YouTube has a 10min max. is 1hour long.., so to enjoy it fully grab a cup of Joe or Tea and relax. Also since the Common Wealth Club did such an excellent job of interviewing handled by Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine they deserve a plug.

Tune in on YouTube or their radio broadcast periodically to enjoy numerous interesting topics while driving which is what I do or when at home and you just want to enjoy a different medium. Visit;  www.Common Wealth  Select the  “Multimedia Tab” and choose the station closest to you.


Now, What can you expect from the interview?

Well.., answers to questions like:

  • What;s the real criteria for adding search to an online website?
  • Can Archived TV Programs be of  assistance to YouTube?
  • Is Copy-write infringement a valid topic of conversation?
  • Which type of advertising fits YouTube’s model best and can you use it?
  • What does 80 and 15 mean to you? Watch and be advised.

This is a Video listbuilding tip latent interview you must see to Increase Traffic and Conversions!  Don’t forget to take notes, “I’m just saying”.

I hope you enjoyed the presentation and found something you can implement and also increased your knowledge about the company that presently has the largest server on the web.
Tuesdays post 2/26/13  should be out before 6am don’t miss it.
Ok, now with a perspective of the goals let’s go to  Spotlight day (2); What was the first video?

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