Content is King! True or not True? can’t really argue “Content is King” because the brain demands what it’s searching for with no exceptions, or it simply finds something else that interests it. Just think in terms of your own entertainment experience,  When you watch TV do you enjoy the program you surfed to watch or the commercials every minute with the increased volume and constant introduction of things you did not decide upon or care to view.

That is an Easy answer right?

Ok Let’s Let’s consider this, Why do most videos request people to watch closely and buy, buy, buy?

Or (Add to Cart) Now!!

When you think of  the particular reason you go to a store only to have people flagging you from one side or the other  about things you did not come to purchase, or asking you if this one will work for you,  the Idea of how to effectively market with your videos becomes much clearer doesn’t it.

People searched for your video to hopefully find exactly what they were looking for based on the niche and subject. So videos creators have to meet those criteria to the best of thier ability to be truly successful. “That is really all that is needed to catch the eye and build a needed relationship  with your video audience.

You guessed it, content that the consumer came to your video to watch in the first place “Is King” and nothing else. But, make it as entertaining as you yourself would like. Minus any non subtle attempts at getting them to buy from you. I know this may sound rudderless, or a perfect way to spin in circles, but believe me it’s true. Let me share with you a great recent example.

View the video below to get a birds eye view of the truth in what I am sharing with you, before you watch this think to yourself.

1. Do my videos that brand me contain more advertising or are they entertaining?

2. Now go to the link below , watch and listen to be amazed by the excellent Social video production you will receive.

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