Youtube Video format is probably something you haven’t thought about lately unless you tried to load a project and all your work is denied. I’ll admit it doesn’t happen often because FLV is the choice of Youtube and most of what’s loaded will be converted to FLV format.

Understanding some simple things about format and what works best before upload time makes sense.


For most MP3 audio content the MPG format will work best, Youtube definitely smiles on this showing the appreciation in quick uploads and playability. The MPEG4 or other MPG selections afford the middle of the road between file size and quality you receive. Works well in most Video Directories.

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AVI (Audio Video Interleave)

This is the default format used by many editing programs. It provides excellent picture quality but file sizes are large. This can be a good option for short videos. But something you should be aware of access to future video frame data beyond the current frame or (compression techniques) are not intended as part of AVI.

Approaches exist to support modern video compression techniques (such as MPEG-4) which rely on this function.  Aspect ratio information is not a standard feature of AVI either, the result is players won’t select automatically the proper ratio for you in most cases, yes you can accomplish this manually. So be advised

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Both are excellent choices and well recognized, but they may not produce the viewing of small file sizes like MPEG4 which you know allows compression.

Compression or Compressing of Files

Compressing a file is common and you may need to do so often before your upload. Most Webcams or Editing softwares will care for this. Caution, compress files the least you can maintaining the results you are after. Depending on your internet connection and bandwidth you can create video with the minimal compression keeping a file size of 100MB.

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I can see by finishing this paragraph the logical step is to produce a page on compression to make it much clearer so look for that on your next visit.




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