Here are just  a few of the Top Video Sites available online. You will find that each one has a little something different to offer, it depends on what you are looking to accomplish in your search.  Hopefully you have time to visit more than a couple of them because you will be pleasantly surprised.


You can submit your video: You are allowed to submit links or RSS feeds also upload yourown videos. PureVideo does not support rating and comments( No Follow Site)Link:

You can submit your video: SearchVideo lets users submit RSS feeds of their favorite videos and upload their own videos, which will be hosted by AOL for free (you will be requested to enter your AOL screen name in order to upload your videos).
( No Follow Site)

You can submit your video: You can submit your videos using the form on Singingfish. The following formats are acccepted: Real, Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash, AVI, MPEG and mp3. ( No Follow Site)

Search For Video
You can submit your video:: RSS feeds accepted, ( No Follow Site)

Yahoo! Video Search
You can submit your video:: Simply Login with your Yahoo ID join their listings.
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Blinkx is a video search engine that lets you perform searches within the most popular video networks, such as CBS, Reuters and CNN This is a great site to stay on the cutting egde and bring that to your followers, you can
Create personal TV channels that will allow you to tie in your offers or niches to real
Life current events, News or your Niche. ( No Follow Site)

AltaVista Video Search

Finding what you need in terms of content will be easier using Alta Vista they
Have incorporated a comprehensive video directory that allows you to be selective
In your search. ( No Follow Site)


Find yourself needing more specific info, Tube Surf gathers results from popular video directories, such as YouTube, Yahoo! Video, MySpace and Google Video. Also available is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that lets you search for videos within your browser.
You can submit your video; ( No Follow Site)

AOL Video Search

A video directory that displays content from the most important media channels and popular video communities. You can submit your video: If you want to submit your own videos you first need to register to AOL. After completing your registration, you will be able to upload your videos. ( No Follow Site)


Brightcove is a video directory that gathers videos from the most important online media channels. Its internal search engine is powered by AOL and the videos are classified by category. The search results page shows a thumbnail of the videos with a brief description and duration of the clips. All the videos are viewed inside the Brightcove video player. ( No Follow Site)


This is the Pandora of Video! As you continue to use the service a related search starts to
Provide you with content that matches your recent searches so you can save time and effort How Coool is that?. ( No Follow Site)

AlltheWeb Video

AlltheWeb Video is a search engine that indexes videos from the most popular video sharing sites. The search results page gives you information about the length, file format, URL and size of the videos and also displays a thumbnail nearby each item. Search results on AlltheWeb Video are powered by Yahoo!. ( No Follow Site)


Clipta is a video search engine that helps you find your favorite videos and also upload and redistribute your own content over the Web. Clipta rewards you with a monetary value depending on how many times your videos have been watched. A section of the service is specifically meant to deliver fresh video news. Videos hosted on Clipta can be also browsed by categories, groups, or ratings.

You can submit your video: Just go to the Upload section of Clipta and submit your videos to the service. Your upload videos are hosted by Clipta and can be redistributed on any blog or web page by pasting the relevant HTML code.


The Open Video Project

The Internet Movie Archive

Google Video and YouTube Something you should know

These are not Video Directories as many of the listings above are, nor are they search engines like Alta Vista. But the shear weight of content within them and the quauntity shared with many engines makes these video sharing sites ones that must be noticed and utilized.

Google Video

YouTube is perhaps the most popular video sharing site on the Web.
No Description Necessary. ( No Follow Site)


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