Hey do you see how that worked, I wanted to make it as simple as possible so you can see the power of simple invitation when it comes to inducing a “Call to Action”. The template questions are below I used them to create the article you just read so you know it works.

1. Simply read through all of the questions and guideline answers first to get an idea of how it works

2. Then build your own template based on this pattern to help you set up your articles for ezines,  pages or posts on your website or fan page.

If you practice with 1-2 articles a week the pattern will be memorized and your speed and effectiveness will definitely increase. Just Enjoy and leave a comment or two with your result. Thanks for taking action and there will be more!


Be specific here, your title and lead sentence should clearly state why you are writing. look at the title and first sentence in the article that got you here.

Find a logical common ground and discuss your position based on reasoning. Not being dogmatic. Ask yourself what is a parallel situation that proves People feel the same as you do?

Is there a real life example or two to show this happens or is needed everyday?
Be as specific in detail as possible to drive the reality of it’s truth home.

How do the above sense of reason statement and everyday practice agree to make my point?  Show the common thread between the two and relate them to your title as proof it’s needed.


What is the best “call to Action” at this point?
What is the most logical step after considering the above information
Where can they get it, the link, website or fan page etc.


Now show the benefits for following the new “Action step”
Review your title, reasoning point and everyday practical point.
How does it make your title subject faster, better or more organized?
What are the time benefits, present and future?
What are the information benefits?

You get the picture, add the ones that make sense.

How Can the benefits be obtained?
Now share your approach to in an e-book, program, affiliate link or Resource Box Etc. Do not go for the juggler, learn to share and you will get much more in return.

I hope this was helpful, take one more step of action for me.
AS a survey tell me what you think of the site in general on the Questions And Answers Page.
Thanks for your continued support and visits, it makes blogging worthwhile.

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