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Direct Response Marketing and Listbuilding,

What commonality exists between Magazines, Infomercials, Email campaigns, The Shopping Channel, Television, Radio and Listbuilding?

If you guessed Marketing you are absolutely correct. But are they all the same type of Marketing? No, there are major differences between them all from the responses they generate, to how they are received and also the overall affect they have.

To better understand Direct Response Marketing in terms of list-building, lets contrast It with “Direct Marketing” in our conversation and that should drive the point home.

(DRM) List-building vs. Direct Marketing… Finding Clarity!

In Direct Response Marketing (List-building) the marketer will send out a solicitation with a call for action. The reason the ad is developed and campaigned is to generate a response that achieves a marketing concept. The results or responses are quantifiable. But the key point is the RESPONSE IS DIRECT between the listbuilder and the consumer and it can be immediate.

It’s easy to see why List-building fits the (DRM) model and falls into this category.

Conversely In Direct marketing advertisers will send out a solicitation and receive a positive response in various forms that fit a marketing concept and are also quantifiable. The difference with this form of marketing is the way the response to the campaign is received and the time factor.

The consumer does not directly communicate with the marketer or marketing company and the response is not immediate. Direct Marketing is a great avenue to brand a product in the market place but not effective to illicit an immediate reaction to ads or develop a responsive list.

List-building has the ability to accomplish both the direct response and brand not only the product but the marketer also. This is a sharp double edge sword, but with any tool comes responsibility.

This one-on-one or no middle man approach to advertisement demands responsibility and accountability for such things as:

· Content
· Product
· Communication
· Personality

What are the best ways to satisfy these demands?

· Seek to find uniqueness and practical appeal with each offer made.
· Search to locate or create real and perceived value at all times to offer.
· Keep the audience first not your preferences, give them what appeals to them.

When these areas are given the proper attention they deserve the List-building or (DRM) experience will be one of excitement and intrigue with very few bumps in the road.

If you would like to know more or would like to get started with List-building visit my site listed below and have some fun of your own with List-building as Direct Response Marketing. I received a comment requesting Clarification on some points from a Mrs Whitley Heggins so I promised to respond thus this short audio:

Listbuilding vs Direct Response MarkeitngZisses Gregory is founder of AnZ Opt-In List-building where you can find the latest List-building Techniques.

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