List Building With Video?

Listbuiding by video

It would be totally unfair to say there’s only one real way to market online. The same holds true for specific aspects of building a list of potential relationship based customers. Not more than oh let’s say ten years ago, the trump card for getting an opt-in was definitely a sales page with some lengthy text and a web-form or opt-in box. Certainly Video Was Not Taken Seriously!

Many marketers and that’s putting in lightly, found this approach worked wonders over and again. It was not uncommon to hear reports of email lists at 20,000 to 50,000 in a very short period of time. Slowly in terms of a product offer this form of sales page gave way to a shorter text version and web-form so we begin to hear the words Squeeze Page take on a new and suddenly profound meaning within the internet list-building community.

Again the opt-in boom was back and more successful marketers shouted,


You remember I’m sure because we begin to see the emergence of the exit page products begin to take hold on the market. Why? due to the simplicity of the squeeze page it was easier for people to visit a site take a look and close the page within 30seconds or so. The exit script gave us a chance to meet and greet some of them.

What does this mean for marketing today since the traditional squeeze page has been seen so often now?

It means VIDEO SQUEEZE PAGES and the like are now here to stay for just a short while in the sense of being effective and productive. Some try to argue that point but if you notice the formats have progressed somewhat, but the bottom line is video is at the heart of these pages.

What’s the point? an excellent strategy of “Building A List” does not have to be in Text form Squeezes, lengthy sales pages or an E-book offer. Video speaks to a person with a different mindset and learning pattern, they can be properly referred to as visual learners.

A clean fundamentally sound Video Presentation, not can but definitely does go a long ways.

It Is easier and more creative than the journalistic approach in my opinion. When done well it takes the attention of the viewer for at least 1-3 minutes, that’s personal “Me Time” and who doesn’t want some of that ?

“Set up properly there are settings to make these numbers almost concrete.”

Try this yourself,

  1. View a Blog that you are crazy about and then find the same topic in youtube for example,
  2. Ask yourself which you prefer? Do it, I know you’ll be talking to yourself but who cares.
  3. Pay attention to how you answer and be sincere. Then see which of those sites you would want to visit on a regular basis sometimes daily for specific information?

Consider how you feel about the results based on the subject you chose and market with that mind-set when you share video pages with your audience be sure to track the results. There is always someone who thinks like you do, although at times it seems you are in a box by yourself. There is more than one way to market period, no brainer.

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