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Creating Good Video Is An Art

I don’t need to convince you of that, Video Is also alive and strong,where are you when it comes to a solid knowledge of video creation?  If you can honestly say you don’t need any information or education in the area really that’s great.

If you are planning to expand your use of video for marketing and branding needs a good general education of how video best fits the market we are currently facing to setting up some  common marketing approaches will make a major difference in your confidence and success .

I’m going to share a Video MakerFx that in my opinion will be helpful to find the answers you need without giving away monies for nothing in return. This program has a minimal cost associated and a vast range of topics that are staples in main stream video campaigns.


For example;

Power point slides with audio

One of the best ways to create a sales video is by using screen capture and power-point slides. Get it right and it can really enhance your sales get it wrong and it looks horrible.

Chroma Key Green Screen

People often tell you that creating a green screen video is difficult and expensive learn how 2 $15 lights and $3 worth of Green curtain material can become a green screen studio!!

Trickle Movement And Camera Angles

If you watch any news program or TV discussion program you’ll notice that the camera angle switches on a regular basis , this is done to keep people interested. The constant changes keeps the subconscious from wandering.

Editing Video

Editing multiple media formats together can be difficult.You will see mp4 video, avi video and mp3 audio Combined in Camtasia. You will be surprised by the flexible editing available in Camtasia.

These are only a fraction% of the subjects covered in the Video MakerFx .

This is one way to get some solid education at a very reasonable investment in yourself. Teaching ability is something you should take notice of before buying any video program product. You can take a listen to the instructors ability and decide if you think it fits your learning style.

Video Creation Mastery

Authored by: Zisses Gregory


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