Help Your Video Go Viral

Creating a viral video is the “Craze’ these days because it’s Instant Traffic.

Hey, I’m glad you have some time to read this quick excerpt because it’s the foundation of a video going viral. The idea is this, I will keep this short and to the point, 12 sentences or less will be my goal. That way you won’t mind reading to the end. Important because then you will tell your friends about it.

A Short Focus On Video Content

Next ,some good content, when creating a viral video follow the same structure, keep it at 1.5 to 3 minutes of solid content. Five or more minutes may turn some away from viewing to the end and they won’t talk to others about it.

Add your site link in the video to run continuously at the bottom or top when displayed. Write an article to post in your website or sites linking to your video, this helps the viral capacity.

Don’t Forget, Spin Your Article And Add A Profile Picture

Now add your favorite profile picture to your article, “spin it” and submit it to various article directories. In your email signature, add the link to the article and video, also add the same profile picture if your email host will allow it.

Cover Your Video Resource Details In Youtube!

Now add your website link in the “Additional Information” section on the right side in Youtube. When finished you are ready to start adding any additional ideas to spread your video to gain authority for the subject and traffic for your site. You cannot create a video and expect it to go Viral without the needed work behind it to do it’s Job.


Authored by: Zisses Gregory

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