What are “hashtags” and why so important?

What are “hashtags” and why so important?

Hashtags are now a part of communication in our social society, that’s the short answer.

But that doesn’t really explain “What They Are” does it? In a nutshell they are a means to link information for greater exposure across social mediums. But they are not talked about in detail very often and that’s probably why after approximately 8yrs of existence we still hear the title question.., What Are Hashtags?

Hash tags play a very important role in all businesses from entrepreneurs to small cap to big brands. That in itself speaks to why they’re so important, they can increase reach and exposure. So let’s start to uncover the mystery!

What do I mean increase reach and exposure?

You have to go back a few years.., remember when Twitter came into existence? Today we have Instagram and Snapchat as new social platforms. No one really knows their true power as of yet as no one knew how the (#) used in Twitter starting in 2007 in front of phrases or sentences to establish groups inside of Twitter would turn into the powerhouse means of reach and exposure today in 2017.

Reach Can Be Unlimited

In 2009 we began to see hashtag links used in Tweets and in 2014 it spread quickly to additional social mediums until most if not all of them where utilizing the (Pound Sign). Because the idea skyrocketed the “initial group concept” has been expanded across the entire web which demonstrates its importance.

You Will Be Seen Easier

For example: When you or I select a hashtag and click on it, we will be shown all active public links associated with that keyword term. For a sole proprietor, entrepreneur or small business this is monumental because now there is a direct pipeline to a wider audience at the click of a button to assist in being found and possibly generate leads or deliver a message.

If someone selects a hashtag you posted in a website, Google or anywhere on one of the social platforms they will be exposed to your profile content or message and you may not be able to contact them otherwise. Meaning your reach has exponentially grown by means of the one simple tag!

What Are Some Unconsidered Benefits Hashtags Provide?

Hashtags are widely used to search for content in social networks and search engines so this gives you a great opportunity to get your information in front of potential customers without paying a dime! Not any financial payout, clear, unobstructed, not confined by cost, No $$$, You get what I mean, FREE!

AnZ Global Internet.com – Why We See The Need

We know that our customers and potential customers are internet marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Who are interested in leads, email marketing reach and growth. So we make sure if they search a social network or Google for #internetMarketing they will likely stumble upon our content. When our posts are found they will open the hash-tagged link watch one of our videos or read an article and check out our profile. Either way it allows us to get our name, brand and content in front of them to make that decision. It will work for you also when used correctly.

How should you use hashtags? What’s correct?

Use them on your entire social network but remember there are policy rules in place for each platform!
For example: If you break Instagram’s policy you can lose your page and all pages connected to it permanently. Also too many hashtags can hurt your engagement and get you UN-followed.

Well how many hashtags are best Then?

How many hashtags to use is under debate in our industry. Some claim more than two can cause a decrease in engagement and others claim the use of 30 in the comment section of Instagram is allowable with no consequences. We suggest “YOU” know exactly what the policy and rules are for the particular social network you are posting in and take no one’s advice in this area. Not even ours for such an important and impactful decision to your business reach and growth.

Here’s a tip we don’t mind sharing, do not use #followed by full sentence, that’s poor practice. Use your keyword first and follow that with related LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Index). A few good choices in this area will accomplish some solid results for your campaign and good leads who are targeted for your niche and interested in your topics.

Can You Start Using Them Today?

We certainly hope you do! Just write your posts as normal identifying your keyword terms and your keyword density up front.

When you have it finished and edited the way you approve use the hashtags to highlight the keywords in title and a few of the best keywords spaced appropriately in the article post. These phrases should fit your natural call to action in the post or sentence.

Be sure not to add any spaces or it will not appear as a hyperlink to transition your audience to your desired destination or landing page. So no more confusion about hashtags or their importance.

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